Product Designer

About Me

We all have a story. The story is important. We learn through stories.


Where do I start...

I graduated high school in a desert town on the Colorado river and then served in the United States Marine Corps for four years. After my nice stay in the Marine Corps, I went to school for Animation and Media Design. During my last year I was selected for an internship with Renaissance Sciences Corporation working on flight & combat simulators for the Department of Defense contractors building 3D Geo-Typical and Geo-Specific models. I contracted at Google working on the Ground Truth project. I then moved into building motion graphics for some pretty cool brands. I had my first experience working with SAAS products at Moz working on Moz Pro and the Mozbar a Chrome extension. At NVIDIA, I oversee the design of multiple internal & external products.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved two things: drawing and the outdoors. I still draw a lot in my spare time, but I spend most my time these days using my creativity to build products.

Words from some amazing people

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh for two years at NVIDIA. Josh demonstrated a rare blend of pragmatist and talent for UX design. Josh was able to manage all levels of stakeholders expectations and take feedback to produce amazing results within tight time constraints was a project life saver. Josh would be an asset to any team.
— Cameron Moore, Director at NVIDIA
Josh has pushed himself to learn and do more in the time that I’ve known him and has been one of the quickest studies I’ve ever seen across disciplines. In a year, he’s taught himself, with support of this teammates at Moz, to learn how to code at the front-end both static and animated interfaces and increased his knowledge of UX to expand not just into interaction design, but even further into research.
— Christian Manzella, VP of UX, Moz
People these days are always looking for a “unicorn” —a designer and coder in one, well Josh is probably more like a design “chimera.” He’s a great designer, a motion/animation expert, plus he codes!
— Jada Williams, UX Manager, Moz
Josh’s skills are really unique. Not only he has an obvious passion towards motion design and UI/UX, but he has a keen interest in web development as well. He understands how it really works. It is really easy for a developer to communicate and work with Josh. He can even provide you with an early code mockup to kickstart a project.

In summary, Josh’s hybrid profile, in the ever changing technology landscape of today is invaluable.
— Ramon Moreno, Founder Oly.AI
Josh is a really talented motion designer who took motion design at Moz to the next level almost singlehandedly in a very short period of time.
— Daan Lindhout, Head of UX, Qualtrics