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Equipment Rental App

Sometimes we get downright scrappy! This is work from a small start-up that deals with rental equipment. The fun part about this project is that there is a hardware sensor tie in.

Equipment Rental App

This project has been a ton of fun. How is my app was one of those random projects that sounds interesting because it is such an under represented type of app in tech. This app combines temperature hardware with google maps and creates a map of a company's rental equipment while monitoring said equipment intensely.  This has been a successful start-up in their respective industry. I had worked extensively with a few of the engineers and they came to me with UX questions here and there and we would work through them on the fly basically pairing. Not one of these mocks is "pixel perfect" it is a beast of product with lots of crazy continued iteration with the engineers and the product owner. There is all kinds of teams out there and this team moves very fast, efficient and has been a kick to work with them. The scrappiness is inspiring and you get caught up in it.

I am not going to go into a ton of detail because this is not completed and still being iterated on. I can talk through it if you have any questions.


Iteration of the Log In page.

As a user this is your first view after login

Here is an information shelf that the user gets when they select a piece of equipment.

This is the management page where you can edit/add equipment to your inventory.

Here is a table view of all sensors and current temps. This is a place where hazardous temps would be highlighted(should also say there is a POC that gets an SMS alert as well).

Here is an expandable stacked tile view of all equipment. Sometimes multiple sensors can exist on a single piece of equipment.